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La Clé des Songes, Ginestas



Authentic Old World Charm and Elegance 


Welcome to La Côte du Midi, the real South of France where you will be
embraced by the warmth of the Mediterranean sun and the genuine
joie de vivre of the region.
Nestled in the heart of the Minervois, our grande maison de maître built in 1824, is located in center of the animated village of Ginestas, where you will be greeted daily with a warm friendly Bonjour and Bonsoir. 
Superbly located and within close proximity, you will find a plethora of guided or self-
guided tours of UNESCO sites, mountains, rivers, vineyards and beaches.  All await discovery by the adventurous guest to accommodate your interests and passions.
There is a very specific reason why our chambre d'hôtes is named, 
La Clé des Songes.  
It means "the key to dreams."
Many years ago, I studied at the university in Bordeaux and I held on to
the hope of some day returning to live.  
After enormous amounts of research, logistics and sleepless nights on just how to make
my dream a reality, I took the leap of faith and moved across the Big Pond back
to charm of the Old World and the magical land that stole my heart.  
It's as if I put on that old pair of shoes waiting for me in the back of my closet.  
And it's a perfect fit.  
Life can sometimes be complicated and it's easy to lose touch with
the beauty of simplicity.  
Here, you will find yourself naturally slowing down and unplugging.  
Here, you will discover the magic that is the real South of France.  
Here, you might just find the key to your own dreams.
Bisous 😘

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